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Instructions & Our Application Process

It’s Easy to Rent Homes in Dayton At Stillwater Park!

Welcome to Stillwater Park Apartments Online Leasing Center. Our online office is always open for you to apply and rent a home. Sort and filter by floor plan, bedrooms, rent, moving date, and lifestyle options. These options will help your find the perfect new home.

Which floor plan is right for you? After selecting a home you can submit the website guest card or start to apply. Clicking Apply Now let’s you read our Rental Criteria and the Application requirements before starting the application.

Our online application is secure and easy to use. Attach identification, pay stubs, pictures, pet, and vehicle information. Roommates and co-signers can apply. Want to know about your application status? Communicate with our leasing staff by email, text, or phone.

Not ready to apply? Then Contact Us  to schedule a tour or get answers to your questions.

How We Process Applications

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Complete applications are verified and given an approve or decline decision.  All roommate applications must be complete to get a rental decision.

Complete means no missing information or attachments. Complete applications are verified using private and public information sources.  Common verification sources are credit bureaus, criminal background checks, rental references, employment references, and public records. Consistent standards that comply with fair housing are used.

Am I qualified to rent an apartment?

Thank you for considering a Charter Property Group community as your next rental home! We take pride in providing quality homes, professional service, and exceptional value. Completing an Application starts the screening process. The screening process is not completed until you provide all of the required supporting documentation, your vehicle’s physical condition is inspected, and we discuss your Application.

All Applicants are carefully and thoroughly screened. To consider your Application for approval, it must be fully completed with all questions answered truthfully. Information is verified through credit bureaus, police, rental and employment references, and public records sources.

Applications are reviewed using consistent standards in compliance with fair housing laws and practices. Complete applications are promptly processed. Upon decision, applicants are immediately notified.

  1. Monthly Income
    Your monthly income must be at least 3.0 times more than the monthly rent payment plus water fee.
  2. Monthly Income Verification
    The most recent pay stubs for your pay cycle: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, W-2, or other support, must be submitted with the Application.
  3. Employment Verification
    Your Application must show 1 year of continuous and sustained employment history, unless retired, enrolled in or recently graduated from college, or recently discharged from the military.
  4. Rental History Verification
    Your Application must show uninterrupted rental history or home ownership, unless enrolled in or recently graduated from college, or recently discharged from the military. Please provide landlord / management company name, monthly rent payment, contact phone number, property website so we can verify your rental history. NO PRIOR EVICTIONS.
  5. Credit History
    You must have a favorable credit report with no utility, landlord debts, neighbor unfriendly, or “material issues”.
  6. Household
    All occupants 18 years or older must complete separate applications, qualify individually, and be signatories to the Lease Agreement.
  7. Occupancy Standards
    Maximum occupancy is 2 persons per bedroom.
  8. Criminal Background
    No known criminal history, no neighbor unfriendly conduct, behavior deemed dangerous or disruptive to people or property.
  9. Vehicle Condition
    Your vehicle must be operable and in acceptable maintenance condition without any fluid leaks. The vehicle’s physical appearance and condition does not present any significant damage, rust, or other eyesores that management, a resident, or guest would consider offensive. You must submit all requested vehicle information. Vehicles that fail the condition test are barred from using the Community’s parking spaces and services.
  10. Co-signer Standards
    Guarantees are considered only at the owner’s discretion. A qualified co-signer may be considered when the application would otherwise be declined.

Not ready to apply? Then Contact Us  to schedule a tour or get answers to your questions.

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