Am I qualified to rent an apartment?

Thank you for considering a Charter Property Group community as your next rental home! We take pride in providing quality homes, professional service, and exceptional value. Completing an Application starts the screening process. The screening process is not completed until you provide all of the required supporting documentation, your vehicle’s physical condition is inspected, and we discuss your Application.

All Applicants are carefully and thoroughly screened. To consider your Application for approval, it must be fully completed with all questions answered truthfully. Information is verified through credit bureaus, police, rental and employment references, and public records sources.

Applications are reviewed using consistent standards in compliance with fair housing laws and practices. Complete applications are promptly processed. Upon decision, applicants are immediately notified.

  1. Monthly Income
    Your monthly income must be at least 3.0 times more than the monthly rent payment plus water fee.
  2. Monthly Income Verification
    The most recent pay stubs for your pay cycle: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, W-2, or other support, must be submitted with the Application.
  3. Employment Verification
    Your Application must show 1 year of continuous and sustained employment history, unless retired, enrolled in or recently graduated from college, or recently discharged from the military.
  4. Rental History Verification
    Your Application must show uninterrupted rental history or home ownership, unless enrolled in or recently graduated from college, or recently discharged from the military. Please provide landlord / management company name, monthly rent payment, contact phone number, property website so we can verify your rental history. NO PRIOR EVICTIONS.
  5. Credit History
    You must have a favorable credit report with no utility, landlord debts, neighbor unfriendly, or “material issues”.
  6. Household
    All occupants 18 years or older must complete separate applications, qualify individually, and be signatories to the Lease Agreement.
  7. Occupancy Standards
    Maximum occupancy is 2 persons per bedroom.
  8. Criminal Background
    No known criminal history, no neighbor unfriendly conduct, behavior deemed dangerous or disruptive to people or property.
  9. Vehicle Condition
    Your vehicle must be operable and in acceptable maintenance condition without any fluid leaks. The vehicle’s physical appearance and condition does not present any significant damage, rust, or other eyesores that management, a resident, or guest would consider offensive. You must submit all requested vehicle information. Vehicles that fail the condition test are barred from using the Community’s parking spaces and services.
  10. Co-signer Standards
    Guarantees are considered only at the owner’s discretion. A qualified co-signer may be considered when the application would otherwise be declined.
Do you have a move in checklist?

Renter’s Insurance is Mandatory.

No Proof of Insurance…No Keys!

Minimum Required Insurance Terms:

  • $100,000 comprehensive liability coverage
  • Stillwater Park is named as an additional insured on policy declaration page
  • List your new address: <unit address> on the policy declaration page
  • Deliver insurance policy declarations page to management office before picking up keys

Establish Utility Services In Your Name At New Address

Give us your utility service account number to verify that payment for utilities is in your name.

Dayton Power & Light (Electric)
Start, Stop & Move Service
Phone: 937-331-3900
Online: Visit Site

Moving Day Reminders

Instructions for Movers
Parking is permitted only on paved surfaces in designated parking areas. Parking on lawns is strictly prohibited and subject to fines per the Lease and Community Policies.

Move-in Inspection Report
Complete the checklist and return to the management office. The checklist documents “minor defects” which are worn or not new items in your home at move-in. The Checklist is kept in your file to document minor defects so you will not be charged when the move-out inspection is conducted at the end of your Lease. Return the Checklist to the office within 5 days of move-in. If you fail to return the Checklist to the office within 5 days, you agree that the premises “as is” are in perfect condition when you took possession.

Waste Disposal
Trash accumulates when moving. Garbage dumpsters are conveniently located throughout the community. Please deposit your trash inside the dumpster and close the lid. Do not place trash next to, in or around the dumpster enclosure.

24 Hour Emergency Services

911 Services
Call 911 for Fire, threats to person or property, and noise disturbances.

Maintenance Emergencies
Call 937-275-7000 follow voice mail prompts for routine and emergency service.

Lockouts Service
Call a locksmith. Our maintenance staff does not provide lockout services.

What is my best option for renter's insurance?

Our Lease Agreement requires renter’s insurance coverage for all residents. Stillwater Park Apartments must be listed as an additional insured on your policy. Proof of coverage must be given to the management office before keys are released to you on move-in day 

Renter’s Insurance has many benefits. For example, a violent thunderstorm or tornado can knock out electric power, cause electrical surges, or sometimes damage buildings. These incidents can spoil refrigerated food, “short out” TVs & computers, and sometimes create homelessness.

Who pays for the damage or destruction? Without insurance renters pay for these losses out of their own pockets. With insurance renters only pay a deductible and suffer no large out of pocket losses. Disasters destroy homes. Some insurance pays for temporary housing due to homelessness after a disaster.

When comparing insurance policies, price depends on benefit options and varies based on several factors like credit, age, location, previous loss history and more. Here’s a tip –rates are lower when insureds bundle more than one insurance product from the same company.

Below are renters’ insurance options for our residents.

Best Option – Shelter Insurance

Shelter Insurance offers our residents affordable insurance with great benefits. Ask about additional coverages for your specific needs. Call Mark Fentress at 513-805-4377 today and save money.

  • $8.75 monthly premium for the most qualified applicants
  • $6,000 minimum contents coverage
  • 25% discount when bundling auto coverage
  • Personal Agent to handle your business
  • Pay online
  • Up to $300,000 in liability coverage

Better Option A – Roost Insurance – 1 Stop Shop (purchase online through your Resident Portal)

Residents can quickly get an online quote and buy Roost Renter’s Insurance through their online portal.

  • Get a quote / buy through the online resident portal
  • Minimum contents coverage (varies)
  • Bundle?
  • No Personal Agent
  • Pay online
  • $100,000 in liability coverage

Better Option B Renter Gets Own Insurance

Get renters insurance on your own. The policy must meet the minimum criteria listed below:

  • Get a quote
  • Contents coverage?
  • Bundle?
  • Personal Agent optional?
  • Payment options?
  • $100,000 in liability coverage

Worst Option #4 Landlord Liability Insurance

This is the minimum default coverage. This coverage insures the structure only. This insurance does not cover any personal property. NO CONTENTS COVERAGE. Residents are automatically enrolled in this policy if proof of insurance coverage is not provided at or before move-in or If insurance through another provider lapses. A $12.50 monthly charge is added to your rent.

  • $12.50 – no quote
  • No contents coverage?
  • No Bundling
  • No Personal Agent optional
  • Pay with rent
  • $100,000 in liability coverage
What is a maintenance emergency?

24 Hour Emergency Services

Charter Property Group communities provides 24 hour service for maintenance emergencies. This information sheet explains and has examples of the most common emergencies. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY for fires, domestic disturbances, or excessive noise. Always contact the management office for emergency service to resolve the issue and minimize damage. Refer to your Welcome Letter for the management office contact information.


Lockout service after office hours is provided by a locksmith service. Refer to your Welcome Letter for locksmith information.

How to Request Emergency Services

Our communities use live operators and automated answering services to intake and dispatch on-call representatives or contractors. Be prepared to give your name, your home address and phone number where you can be reached until your emergency is over. You must be accessible by phone during the emergency and be present in the home to open the door and let the on-call representative into your home. We may not dispatch an on call representative if you do not leave a call back phone number that you answer to confirm the emergency.

Examples of Maintenance Emergencies

  • Toilet broken (if only 1 in your home)
  • Flood
  • Sewer backup
  • Water leaks from surrounding apartments or exterior of home
  • No Heat
  • No A/C if outside air temperature exceeds 82 degrees
  • No electric service
  • No domestic water service
  • Failure of door or window locks
  • Refrigerator failure
  • Hallway light burnt out

Call if Unsure

The above list does not cover every type of emergency. You can always request emergency service or contact the management office. Our staff will listen to your concerns and take appropriate action to remedy the issue

How do I give notice that I'm moving?

Download the Resident’s Intent to Move PDF form, fill it out and return it to our office.

Download Intent to Move Form (pdf)How do I give notice that I'm moving?

Do you have a move out checklist?
  1. Review your Lease to verify the Lease expiration date
  2. Deliver Notice of Intent to Vacate to the Management Office
  3. Review accuracy of your account balance
  4. Review Move-in / Move-out Checklist
  5. Review FAQ about wear & tear and damage charges
  6. Schedule a move-out inspection
  7. Set up mail forwarding with the United States Post Office
  8. Give your forwarding address to the management office
  9. Schedule utilities shut-off
  10. Bring Move-in / Move-out Checklist to walk through damage inspection
  11. Driving/parking vehicles on lawns or backing up to building entrance on sidewalks is prohibited.
  12. Review moving to do’s with your moving company (movers)
  13. Turn in keys to management office
How are security deposit refunds processed?

At Move-In

At move-in, your home was painted and serviced by our staff and/or contractors. Contract services for cleaning the home and carpet were done or new carpet was installed.  Our staff does maintenance services and several make ready quality inspections. You completed a Move-in/Move-out Inspection Report and any exceptions you found to the home’s physical condition were noted.

At Move-Out

At move-out, doing a walk-through inspection with our staff is very important.  The inspection verifies you are returning the apartment in the same “clean” condition as given to you.  Also, any damage in the apartment during your occupancy is documented.

What is Considered Damage?

Damage is alterations, changes, or conditions that are EXCESSIVE or PROHIBITED by the Lease and Community Policies. ORDINARY WEAR AND TEAR is not damage.  Any damage is noted on the Move-in/Move-out Inspection Report and charged to your account at move out. Lessee’s are responsible for the conduct of all occupants, including guests. The physical condition of your home must be the same as the condition at move-in except for ordinary wear and tear.

Damage Examples

Below are examples of excessive wear and tear. Negligence or reckless conduct can cause excessive and extra-ordinary wear and tear resulting in charges for the below conditions. Your Lease and Community Policies contain many detailed examples of conditions and conduct that result in charges for excessive wear and tear at move out. Damage charges include replacement cost plus labor and overhead.    Contract services are performed at the prevailing contractor rates. Consider the following list as examples only and not a complete list of damage charges at move-out.  Actual amounts charged to your account may change without notice when our costs change.

apartment move in checklist