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Tips for Renters with Baseboard Heaters


How does my heat work

From Chilli Knight

My apartment feels cold.  What should I do?

Dear Ms. Knight

Stillwater Residents: Let’s review how the heat works in your home and cover troubleshooting options to improve your comfort. Our homes have baseboard heaters. This equipment requires good airflow for optimal operation. Don’t forget that heat is included in your monthly rent payment.


How to Stay Warm Using Baseboard Heaters:

  1. Close all windows tightly to stop drafts.
  2. Choose the right clothing and accessories for winter weather.
  3. Wear slippers or socks. Baseboards deliver “ambient” heat – not blown or forced air. Hot air rises. The air feels colder near the floor..
  4. Feel for heat radiating from the baseboards.
  5. Open and adjust baseboard radiator vents as needed. Call the office if you need help adjusting the vents.
  6. Long-term residents should remove the baseboard covers and clean the radiators to improve performance and create more heat.
  7. The baseboards cannot be blocked. There must be 12 inches of space between the baseboards and any furniture or items on the floor.
  8. Rapid drops in outside air temperature can make you feel colder until the heating system “catches up” and adjusts to the fast temperature drop. Please be patient.
  9. The heating system is tuned to provide temperatures between 68 to 72 degrees.

Safety Warnings for Baseboard Heaters:

  1. Space Heaters – Only use space heaters that have these safety features: Overheat shut off, Anti-tip (knock over) shut off, Testing certification label.
  2. Oven/Range – Do not use this appliance to heat your home. Heating with this appliance is a safety hazard. Also, heating elements will break when the oven/range is used as a heater resulting in a damage charge paid by you

How to Request Service from Stillwater Park Apartments in Dayton Ohio:

If our troubleshooting tips did not help with your comfort, please contact our maintenance services. Remember, there are many ways to notify us about a heat concern: Call the management office, leave a voicemail, submit an online work order through Appfolio Resident Online Portal, send us an email, text/email us, or drop a note in our office drop box.

We will dispatch a maintenance tech with diagnostic equipment to take temperature readings in your home and check things out in the boiler room We are here to make sure our equipment is working and you are comfortable.